Meatcopedia Holds the Butcher Masterclass: Waste Management and Muscle Breakdown Training and Seminar

In order to provide education regarding product knowledge and butcher masterclass training to deepen the correct way of cutting meat, Meatcopedia holds online and offline training and seminars to our partners' customers.

“Our goal to share this material is because there is still a lack of information about the importance of the butcher profession in producing good meat processing. We hope that this can be applied well in their daily production activities,” explained by Utari Mediawati as the Chairman of Meatcopedia.

This session was supported by Australian principals from our brands, including Sher Wagyu, Angus Pure, Southland Darling, and Bass Strait. Not only provide verbal education, but also hands-on practice from our professional butchers regarding muscle breakdown and waste management of the beef cuts, especially secondary cuts which can be a more affordable alternative option and remain flavorful in every dish.

Another tips and tricks were also presented to increase their knowledge. Both from how to use a butcher knife and a slicer machine, how to cook meat with the right level of doneness, as well as several recipes that can be made. This event was well received, enthusiastically and positively by them because they could directly ask the experts and get modules for further study.

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