Sher Wagyu


Indulge in the award-winning ultimate eating experience perfected over 25 years of breeding and feeding Wagyu cattle. Their specially formulated gentle, slow growth Japanese-style barley-based ration ensures exceptional results. Exported to over 14 countries, Sher Wagyu is celebrated worldwide by leading chefs. With Fullblood cattle tracing back to Japanese ancestors and Crossbred cattle originating from the finest Wagyu bloodlines, their pioneering expertise in breeding Wagyu x Holstein delivers outstanding beef across an array of marble scores.

Angus Pure


Renowned for its consistent flavor and tenderness, Angus beef stands as one of the most coveted beef breeds globally that raised in Southern Australia. Angus Pure takes it a step further by utilizing a long feeding system and purebred Angus genetics to create an exceptional product. Raised in the lush grazing regions of Southern Australia, their cattle flourish, resulting in an exquisitely marbled and juicy beef. Angus Pure embodies the perfect balance of superior genetics and optimal feeding practices.

Bass Strait


Experience the epitome of grass-fed excellence with Greenham's Bass Strait beef. Thriving at the 39° South latitude, it benefits from coastal regions blessed with drenching rain, warming sun, and salt-water breezes. Their unique Tender Stretch program ensures exceptional tenderness, while the "Never Ever" program guarantees a pure, premium grass-fed experience free from hormones, antibiotics, and growth promotants. 

TFI Supreme Lamb

Australian lamb is known around the world as flavoursome, versatile, natural and wholesome. TFI has built an enviable reputation for delivering consistent, premium-quality lamb sourced from some of Australia’s most pristine pastureland. TFI Supreme Lamb offers customers the ability to select high-quality Australian lamb from a variety of programs while managing profitability.