Adopting freshness from Paddock to Plate, we keep the distribution system to the shortest and simplest procedure
  • From product selection in Australia to freight forwarding confirmation to Indonesia, the duration is kept within maximum of 2 weeks from processed date.
  • Products arrived in Global Pratama Wijaya warehouse in the 1×24 hours timeframe.
  • Products delivered to customers in a temperature controlled chiller van to the doorstep.

For the past 7 years, we have been supplying to 5 star hotels, premium supermarkets, and fine dining restaurants across major cities in Indonesia.

Storing & Handling

Storage temperature are kept and maintained at 0 – 2 degree Celcius for chilled / fresh boneless products, and -5 to -10 degree Celcius for bone in products.

Professional standard processing room in 8 degree Celcius to maintain quality and hygiene.

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Quality Assurance

Animal welfare (reference: )

Halal and health certified Our products, guaranteed as halal approved by Indonesia government Health certified to confirm that the products free from any disease and safe to be consumed

Sourcing directly from the producer to ensure the product consistency

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  • Jabodetabek

    1 x 24 hours delivery system, equipped with proper and standardize delivery vehicles ie: chiller vans custom made for meat products.

    Temperature check before departure from the warehouse and after arrival at the customer’s premises.

    PT. Global Pratama Wijaya tracking system to monitor the delivery status.

  • Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Bali and some cities in Sumatera

    Up to 3 days delivery depending on the distance.

    Packed in Styrofoam and insulated with dry ice.

    Delivery using trusted cargo companies.

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Value Added Service

Portion/ Customized cut



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Provide a stringent quality assurance in all processing

Provide our customers with products at their highest quality

Provide insight about healthy meat consumption

Ensure timely and efficient delivery service

Price our products with a “Value for Money” approach

Prioritize food handling safety and hygiene in all our value added services