To be a socially responsible meat importer that source
superior quality products from sustainable farming producers

Background Picture is taken from Beefcorp Pty Ltd Farm in Ballan, VIC

Established in


PT  Global Pratama Wijaya's strength is to supply superior
quality red meat products to food services companies
across Indonesia.

All producers are carefully selected to consist of licensed and certified
Australian leading farms with solid experience.

Placing the customers' trust and satisfaction at the pedestal, Global
Pratama Wijaya has worked relentlessly to provide consistent quality and services at their doors.

Dear our valued
A quote once said …
“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

From humble beginnings, PT. Global Pratama Wijaya started from the passion to serve fresh produce beef from healthy and sustainable environment; we captured the market needs and valued their opinion. Thru the years, we have grown to serve the industry with quality assurance and unique red meat products for food services and retailers in most capital cities in Indonesia.

PT. Global Pratama Wijaya is committed to continue the path as your trustworthy business partner. Your need is at our pinnacle. We ensure our business decision and strategy are carefully considered in pursuit towards our customer’s satisfaction.

Let’s continue towards a successful partnership built on friendship, trust, and an ability for our company to deliver as ordered in a timely and professional manner. We are sure to make this worthwhile.

Social & Quality

To be a socially responsible distribution company that source superior quality products from environmentally friendly producers.

This will ensure wholesome and healthy lifestyle outcomes for our customers.

Persistence &
  • To provide customers with premium quality and certified products
  • To provide insight and information about healthy meat consumption that suits their lifestyle
  • To ensure timely and efficient delivery structure that caters for the high customers expectations
  • To price our products with a “Value for Money” outcome
  • To provide an enhanced and transparent tracking system from purchase to delivery
How do we achieve
Our Goal

We source premium quality meat from selected, licensed, and certified farms, that are experienced and reputable in their profession.

We import all premium products by air travel and store the products in digitally temperature controlled chiller rooms for guaranteed freshness

We provide proper training to all staff so that they all excel in
providing a transparent, integrated and effective ordering system.

We seriously monitor customers feedback with a view to improve all areas of knowledge in the butchery/meat processing business. Therefore we hold customers gatherings on regular basis. This again will allow transparency and open communication for everybody’s best interest.

Provide a stringent quality assurance in all processing

Provide our customers with products at their highest quality

Provide insight about healthy meat consumption

Ensure timely and efficient delivery service

Price our products with a “Value for Money” approach

Prioritize food handling safety and hygiene in all our value added services