PT. Global Pratama Wijaya is
committed to be a red meat
specialist in Indonesia’s food industry, providing only premium and trusted red meat brands from Australian producers.

Why do we choose Australian red meat?

  • Because Australian has one of the perfect climate and natural
    environment for raising catlle;
  • the cattle are free from all major epidemic diseases;
  • and good animal welfare practices applied at all stages of the
  • These are the main contributors that affirm Australian red meat
    to be one of the best qualities iin the world.
Omi Hime Beef

It is with so much anticipation and enthusiasm, PT. Global Pratama Wijaya on its 8 years anniversary, announces a new exciting product to our list, ie. Omi Hime Japan Wagyu Beef. This product is one of the top 5 premium kuroge (full blood) Wagyu, breed and raised in Shiga prefecture, Japan. Omi Hime has been known since Edo Era to the present time as Japan’s oldest brand of beef. The distinctive taste of the beef allows us to reminisce to the heritage of Japanese beef: delicate flavor and fine marbling. All of these are credit to the rich agriculture land around lake Biwa, which they still maintain and preserve until now.

Sher Wagyu

PT. Global Pratama Wijaya has been the exclusive importer and distributor for Sher and Niksan Wagyu since 2010. It is one of the most highly regarded wagyu, not only in Australia, but also around the world across 14 exported countries. In Australia alone, the brand has received numerous prestigious awards since 2009. Internationally, the products continue to grow from strength to strength in numerous Michelin and Chef Hat Award restaurants.

Niksan Wagyu

Niksan wagyu is the extended brand from Sher wagyu tailored to cater ONLY for PT. Global Pratama Wijaya in Indonesian market.

Some facts about Sher and Niksan Wagyu beef (use Logo to represent the key points below)
• Free from Hormone Growth Promotants
• Free from Antibiotic
• Free from Genetically Modified Organism
• 400+ days of F1 and Full Blood wagyu range

John Dee

John Dee is another PT. Global Pratama Wijaya exclusive brand for Angus Cattle range. John Dee is Australia’s oldest, single-family owned meat processor. The company has run for four generations in producing and selling consistent and outstanding beef products. The history has reinstate John Dee as one of the most trusted name in the Australia cattle husbandry, and represents a true heritage of fine beef. Its high quality grain-fed beef is the product of an integrated feeding programme.

Southland Darling

“For The Planet, For The Farmers, For You.”

Southland Darling is the pioneer of pure grain-fed Holstein breeding supported by the Australian Government making it an exclusive product & also the first in the Indonesian Market. Southland darling is Halal Certified, processed at G & K O’Connor, Pakenham EST 1265.

Thomas Food

This company was first established in the late 1980’s focusing in the agriculture sector, ie: potato, beef, lamb, seafood, etc. To date they are Australia’s largest family owned and operated meat-processing company. Located in Southern Australia whereby the natural environment and clean air are the most desirable place for any agriculture producers to achieve premium quality of products, it is no doubt that Thomas Foods is now exporting throughout 80 countries globally.

Provide a stringent quality assurance in all processing

Provide our customers with products at their highest quality

Provide insight about healthy meat consumption

Ensure timely and efficient delivery service

Price our products with a “Value for Money” approach

Prioritize food handling safety and hygiene in all our value added services